About Us



Saphirus is one of the leading manufacturers of air fresheners globally,

with decades of experience in the industry. 


We offer a wide range of fragrances in several formats, including fabric and air fresheners, home spray, aerosols, reed diffusers, essential oils and more. You can pick a fragrance that matches the mood of your home, choose a signature scent to evoke a memory, or select a fragrance that matches your personality.




The most remarkable sense of all.

It surrounds you. Comforts you. Provokes you.


The smell takes you to distant places. To dear and loved ones.

 To special moments stored in fond memories.

It takes an instant to make everything around you enchanting.


Have you ever wondered…

What makes a home inviting?

What makes a car delightful?

What makes an office welcoming?


Just like your favorite perfume, 

the places where you spend most of your time 
must be unique, stimulating and extraordinary.


Choose your favorite Saphirus fragrance.

Take it with you.


Make a silent statement.
Share your essence.