Saphirus Essential Oil - Sandalwood

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Product Overview

Saphirus Essential Oil is not just for your nose. Essential Oils are the natural produce of the essence of roots, seeds, flowers, bark, distilled into an easy to apply liquid for oil burners that will make the space around you smell like Heaven.

The aromatherapeutic properties of this unique blend offer incredible benefits to your wellbeing. Bring the power of scents into your life and enjoy the unique essence of Saphirus's fragrances.

Type: Ambery

The scent of this fragrance is a mixture of woods that opens with the aroma of Hindu Sandalwood. This is a tree used for esoteric and energetic purposes that promotes optimism. In its heart prevails the oriental vanilla and musk scent that contribute its exotic and enduring character, culminating with the palo santo scent, used in ancient times to purify environments.

  • Top Notes: Oriental flowers, Sandalwood.
  • Heart Notes: Vanilla, Amber.
  • Base Notes: Palo Santo, Musk.

It's often overlooked, but the fragrance is a critical element in any ambient. Without a pleasing aroma, a home, an office, or even your car really lack a sense of essence.

Saphirus is one of the leading manufacturers of air fresheners globally, with decades of experience in the industry. We offer a wide range of fragrances in several formats, including fabric and air fresheners, home spray, aerosols, reed diffusers, essential oils and more. You can pick a fragrance that matches the mood of your home, choose a signature scent to evoke a memory, or select a fragrance that matches your personality.

Fragrances have a big impact, and the places you spend your life also deserve their own perfume.

Saphirus. Scents that take you places.

* Not for skin, products designed exclusively for ambience usage.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review